Driving (Auxiliary) Light Controller for the new Volvo Cars XC60

By 2017-11-09 News

race display has developed a state of the art driving light controller, the LIGHTNING XCU8025.

The XCU8025 works with the new Volvo Cars XC60 which have digital (CAN) controlled head lights. XCU8025 automatic turns off the driving lights when your vehicle detects another vehicle in front of you as it works together with the Auto High Beam (AHB) function in the Volvo Cars XC60 when it’s activated.

Some of the features of XCU8025:

  • 20 A output
  • 9 – 30 V
  • IP68 rating (waterproof)
  • Reverse polarity and short circuit protection
  • Over-current Protection 20 A
  • Solid-state relay output
  • E1 approval
  • CE compliant

This is not all the XCU8025 has a feature so you don’t need to install a disable switch in the cockpit as you can easily enable/disable the control of the driving lights with a configuration flash sequence.

So, the installation is super easy as all components will be located in the engine bay as the XCU8025 is water proof (IP68).

The XCU8025 also has a failsafe mode which turns off the driving lights if it detects any faulty state.

Beside the support of new digital head lights, it also supports old analog control with two inputs, one for high beam signal and one for optional disable switch. The XCU8025 triggers on positive analog high beam signal.

Our partner and distributor Modernum have developed an 8025 kit with a high-grade wiring harness which is tailor made to suite the new Volvo Cars XC60 so the installation becomes flawless.

With the 8025 kit from Modernum your will not stumble in the darkness…

Please contact Modernum for order and information:


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