LIGHTNING F1 analyzes the camera and headlights signals in the vehicle and calculates when to turn off the driving lights whenever a vehicle is detected in front of the vehicle. The calculation is based on an algorithm that takes in account that the driving light is mounted between the left and right headlights.

LIGHTNING F1 software has a feature so you don’t need to install a disable switch in the cockpit as you can easily enable/disable the control of the driving lights with a configuration flash sequence. So, the installation is super easy as all components will be located in the engine bay.

LIGHTNING F1 software also has a failsafe mode which turns off the driving lights if it detects any faulty state.

Beside the support of new digital head lights, it also supports old analog control with two inputs, one for high beam signal and one for optional disable switch. LIGHTNING F1 software triggers on positive analog high beam signal.

XCU2030 – F1 XCU1150 – F1 XCU1150 – F6 XCU8025 – F1
Function Dynamic high beam
DRL or reverse light
Dynamic high beam Reverse light Dynamic high beam
Vehicle models See below See below See below See below
Connection Isolated (No Cut) Galvanic (Cut & Solder) Galvanic (Cut & Solder) Galvanic (Cut & Solder)
Max load 40A + 4A 15A 15A 20A
Supply 9-30V (12V or 24V relay) 12V 12V 9-30V
Protection class IP 68 IP 53 IP 53 IP 68
Circuit protection Reverse polarity, short circuit, over-current Reverse polarity Reverse polarity Reverse polarity, short circuit, over-current
Switch type Solid-state relay output Mechanical relay Mechanical relay Solid-state relay output
Certification CE, E5 CE, e1 CE, e1 CE, E1
Installation Installation Guide (EN)

Installationsguide (SE)

Installation Guide (EN)

Installationsguide (SE)


Easy installation in engine bay without cables thru firewall.


Fail-safe mode which turns off the driving lights if it detects any faulty state.

Multi vehicle

Support many different car makers and models